Welcome Traveller

Wait, I know you…

Countless guards in Skyrim have claimed to know my characters. Yet truth be told, they couldn’t pick me out of a line up if their life depended on it. Of course they couldn’t, it’s a game. But what if it was more than just a game?

Skyrim, like most of it’s predecessors, has the option to play it very immersivley. Even more so now with all the wonderful mods the creative computery type folks have made. Sadly I am not computery. I am creative however and I wanted to open up the world of Tamriel, specifically Skyrim and see what untold stories lay within. I’ve spent countless hours exploring every nook and cranny that the beautiful world has to offer; I’ve searched every hut, cave, camp, dungeon, city and village for obscure questlines and NPCs. I’ve created little backstories for all my characters, and one day while wandering through Riverwood playing a Nord named Iriella I really wished I could interact with the NPCs differently. I brooded over this notion for some time, then eventually came to the conclusion that if I cant have the game the way I want it, why not write it?

As a result I have begun to tell the tale of Iriella, my hot tempered, red haired Nord hailing from Windhelm. The Companion questline was always one of my favourites to play, and one that I would make a beeline for with every new character I made. I really liked the story, the characters and Jorrvaskr is (in my humble little opinion) the best piece of architecture in Tamriel. Again, it was something where I always wished for more.

So come, bring your mug of ale, or mead, sit in one of the uncomfortable looking wooden chairs in Candlehearth Hall. The bard will play in the background, though for extra septims he will also sing. The fire is roaring, there’s sweetrolls on the table, let me tell you all about her.

Watch the skies, traveller…